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ScaleDesk matches IT departments with the finest pre-vetted IT technicians, offers nearly every software solution, aims to help clients streamline their IT operations, and improve their overall efficiency.

Our Clients

We provide top-notch IT staffing and consulting services!

Talent on contract 

Changing times have led to organizations working on a project basis more often. Consequently, they consider temporary employees without long-term commitments for the same purpose. When it comes to hiring contract talent, we have you covered. Assist short-term and contract employees while strengthening your team by making your company agile.

Permanent employment 

Recruiting experts at our technology staffing firm assist organizations with complex workforce challenges. We offer everything from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management and outsourcing. Your business is in good hands when you rely on our team of IT staffing experts.

Faster Delivery Time
Flexible durations
Fully Vetted Technology Force
The ScaleDesk Solution

Providing access to the relevant tools and right-sizing IT teams

Use ScaleDesk to outsource IT processes like helpdesk, IT inventory, AV, or onsite coverage.

Our remote/onsite IT technicians can cover excess workloads either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Leverage our relationships to get access to discounted software and proprietary internal help desk
1-3 days
Time to deploy a tech
Technicians on our platform in 20+ cities

Our IT Staffing Services 

Cisco Network Consultant Services

ScaleDesk offers consulting and support services for Cisco networking technologies. The company provides various services, including Network Design and Architecture, Network Security, Network Management and Monitoring, Network Optimization, and Network Migrations. The services are designed to help organizations implement and manage their Cisco network infrastructure effectively, ensuring maximum uptime, performance, and security.

IT Helpdesk Coverage (Onsite/Remote)

Both onsite and remote IT helpdesk coverage by ScaleDesk is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet the specific needs of each organization. The company's team of certified technical support specialists is available 24/7 to provide prompt and effective assistance to organizations of all sizes.

Hires IT Consultants/Contractors

Hire IT Consultants/Contractors from ScaleDesk- your one-stop IT Staffing Firm, for your organization and get additional technical expertise on a short-term or project basis. Depending on the organization's specific needs, these IT consultants/contractors are available for hire on a full-time, part-time, or project basis.

VMware Consulting

ScaleDesk's consultants can provide sound advice from planning to implementation. By leveraging your existing VMware technology, we can help you increase server and other resource utilization, improve performance, increase security, and minimize system downtime using a virtualization solution.

Uses cases we can solve

IT helpdesk coverage (onsite/remote)

IT inventory Services

Transition/Leave coverage

IT consultants/
contract to hires

Why Work With Us

Remote Support

Professionals at ScaleDesk  offer remote support to help organizations resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Network Management

We help organizations manage and maintain their network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Software Updates and Patches

ScaleDesk providers help organizations keep their software and applications up to date, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities and improving performance.


ScaleDesk providers help organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Data Backup and Recovery

ScaleDesk, as an IT Staffing Firm, assists organizations with data backup and recovery, ensuring that critical data is protected and easily recovered during a disaster.

Proactive Monitoring

ScaleDesk continuously monitors an organization's IT infrastructure, identifying and resolving potential issues before they become critical.

Filtering the top 5% of IT Technicians

Replacing a painful recruitment process

1. Qualifing the tech

We filter resumes for enterprise/startup/msp experiences to ensure high quality experience

2. Interviewing techs

Our interviewers are IT technicians. We filter for basic networking and systems knowledge over a recorded video interview that we can share with you

3. Verifying certifications/work eligibility

We verify certifications like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and Security+. We also do a background and work eligibility checks

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"ScaleDesk is a helpful solution that fields an onsite presence in our secondary offices"

- Kevin, IT Director at LATCH


"ScaleDesk is a helpful solution that fields an onsite presence in our secondary offices"

- Kevin, IT Director at LATCH


"They helped to keep us going, in this remote Working period!"

Natalie Newman, Director of People Operations at Gimbal


"I view it as the modern day technology company for support that everyone should should have!"

Andrew Quinn, CFO at Pathwell Health


"They gave us a technical consultant that is affordable, flexible, and most of all a problem solver."

FAQs about IT Staffing Services

Q1. What are ScaleDesk IT Staffing Services?

IT Staffing at ScaleDesk is the process of finding the best professionals to complete software development projects. Our excellent service provider will be able to deliver a variety of tasks through a broad network of tech talent

Q2. What are the advantages of using an IT Staffing Firm? 

  • Large talent network
  • Faster hiring
  • Deployment of industry-ready professionals immediately
  • Reduced liability

Q3. What kind of services does an IT Staffing Firm provide?

  • Contingency search
  • Agreement recruiting
  • Temporary help
  • Temporary to hire
  • Freelance or potentially contract help
  • IT Managed services
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) 
  • Permanent recruitment.

Q4. When should you use an IT Staffing Agency?

  • High Demand for IT Skills: If there is a high demand for IT skills and it is challenging to find qualified candidates in the local job market, an IT staffing agency can help find and attract skilled candidates from other locations.
  • Short-term or Project-based Needs: If your company needs IT staff for a short-term project or to cover a temporary absence, an IT staffing agency can provide a qualified professional to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Recruiting, hiring, and training new employees can be time-consuming and expensive. An IT staffing agency can handle these processes, freeing your internal HR and IT staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Access to a Wide Talent Pool: IT staffing agencies have a large pool of qualified IT professionals and can help you find the right fit for your company's specific needs.
  • Flexibility: IT staffing agencies can provide flexible staffing solutions, such as contract-to-hire, direct placement, and contract staffing, to meet your company's unique requirements.

Q5. How does an IT Staffing Agency work?

An IT staffing agency or employment agency helps companies recruit according to their needs. Temp workers hired by staffing agencies are not employees but part of the agency's payroll.

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Become one of our techs
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