IT inventory Services

Imaging laptops for new hires, mailing them to remote workers. Recycling old laptops and backing up data.

IT Inventory

Services and Deliverables:

● Image and deploy workstations and laptops for New Hire employees, in office and remote. (Mac & Windows)

● Image and maintain fleet of loaner laptops. Deploy as needed to in-office and remote employees.

● Image and deploy workstations and laptops for Upgrades and Replacements, for in office and remote employees.

● Deploy IT peripherals for in-office and remote employees.

● Repurpose returned IT assets

● Fulfill hardware requests within a timely manner

● Advise and follow-up with department staff and users regarding availability and status of assets including timeline for delivery of equipment.

● Perform other related duties as assigned.

Role requirements:

● Track and identify a wide variety of Technology equipment Inventory methods and practices. Purchasing and asset tracking applications in Excel

● O365 Admin: create o365 accounts, add and remove from distribution lists, off-board users and onsite IT requests;

● Google Drive or similar database, presentation, word processing, publishing and spreadsheet software.

● Record keeping techniques.

● Effective customer service skills using tact, patience and courtesy.

● Oral and written communication skills.

● Telephone techniques and etiquette.

● Basic record keeping preparation techniques.

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