Cisco Network Consultant Services

Enhance the overall health and safety of your operations with Cisco consulting services.

Cisco Network Consultant

A fast, secure, and robust network is crucial to the survival of many businesses. A Cisco Network provides scalability and reliability to your infrastructure; however, it will require expert knowledge and expertise to ensure that the Cisco Network and equipment are configured appropriately. 

With ScaleDesk, we provide bespoke Cisco consulting services tailored to your business needs. Enhance the overall health and safety of your operations with Cisco consulting services.

By auditing your existing network, we will implement changes that will update and improve the functionality of your network. Your firewall and network security should be audited regularly to ensure your data is secure and your systems are always compliant. We provide Cisco-trained,  certified Cisco Consultants, experts, and designers who are available to assist you with the following:

  • Advise
  • Repair
  • Upgrade
  • Extend
  • Design
  • Maintain

Remote, or on-site Cisco Consultants are at your disposal!

Whether you need one person or a team, we provide skilled contract and permanent staff in finance and accounting, customer service, legal, technology, marketing, and creative fields. 

The ScaleDesk team provides onsite and remote services to clients throughout the United States. With the help of our recruiting specialists, we will quickly find you the contract and permanent talent you need. 

The cost of hiring in-house Cisco experts is significantly higher than what we charge. As an extension of existing in-house support teams, we can fill skill gaps, provide vacation or sick leave coverage, or augment project resources.

ScaleDesk has experts specializing in Cisco Consultancy, Cisco Support, and Managed Services. 

We Provide Skilled Cisco professionals Across a Range of Specializations

Today's competitive market makes it difficult to find the right personnel. Talent wars are raging and can significantly impact your business' success. ScaleDesk is your partner in solution-oriented sourcing and IT staffing. Our global IT services provide access to a large network of professionals with Cisco certifications. 

Certifications from Cisco prepare them for jobs in IT technologies today. With these certifications, you can validate your knowledge of various concepts across various technology areas and focus on the domain that interests the consultants.

1. Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

As an Information Security analyst, you can prove your abilities as a Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional in incident response roles, cloud security, and other active defense security roles.

2. Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

A Cisco DevNet Professional certification confirms your skills in developing and maintaining Cisco-based applications.

3. CCNP Security

By acquiring your CCNP Security certification, you prove that you can protect client networks and data in a cybersecurity environment.

4. CCNP Enterprise

Manage, configure, and troubleshoot the networks of multinational corporations. The CCNP Enterprise certification demonstrates the ability to maintain and scale enterprise networks.

5. CCNP Data Center

A enterprise-class data center is essential to implementing enterprise-sized data solutions. The Cisco CCNP Data Center certification proves your data center management skills.

6. CCNP Service Provider

We can improve our networks with the help of new technologies. The CCNP Service Provider certification demonstrates your ability to configure, verify, and optimize next-generation IP networks.

Cisco Certified Consulting Experts

ScaleDesk has extensive resources of Cisco-certified CCIE consultants from every independent department. We provide IT support for network infrastructures built on Cisco technology with unparalleled expertise. 

Since ScaleDesk has also been certified as a Microsoft Partner and offers skilled integration support with a range of well-known applications, we can deliver end-to-end IT solutions that boost your company's value for your data system.

ScaleDesk provides affordable and speedy online access to Cisco CCIE-certified network specialists. CCIEs are world-class experts in networking who are awarded this prestigious certificate only after passing rigorous tests that are administered by Cisco. Certified CCIE consultants can tackle the most difficult issues associated with the design and deployment of networks and troubleshooting.

Capabilities of Cisco Network Consulting Engineer

ScaleDesk's operations are focused on making the most skilled IT talent readily available and cost-effectively. ScaleDesk is unique in IT consulting because of its capacity to offer quick, simple, and affordable access to Cisco's certified network. Cisco-certified CCIEs are highly sought-after network engineers. They can obtain the prestigious certification after rigorous testing conducted by Cisco.

This CCIE certification recognizes professionals with the skills and experience to tackle the most difficult tasks within their area of expertise. The CCIE tests offered by Cisco are constantly updated to keep pace with the current industry trends, focusing on the latest technologies and applications. 

The CCIE certification can be used for two years; engineers must pass a Cisco renewing exam on renewing it. This ensures that CCIEs aren't outdated or narrowly focused, which means they can offer the most modern solutions to a wide array of issues arising from the latest connectivity technology.

Responsibilities of Cisco Network Consulting Engineers

  • Consults and collaborates with Cisco stakeholders and customers on the planning, design, installation, configuration, integration, and optimization of Cisco's suite of products and services.
  • Assists customers with complex problems by providing technical expertise and guidance.
  • Work in alignment with the business strategy and objectives of customers.
  • Regularly communicate the status and value of CX Consulting and Business Critical Services to executives and individual contributors.
  • Provide unified, comprehensive, and coordinated support by utilizing Cisco's cross-functional resources.
  • Implements complex network infrastructure solutions through architectural, design, and integration engineering.
  • Offers advice on software lifecycle management, network security, and configuration best practices.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with clients as a trusted advisor.
  • Analyzes problems, provide crisis management at the highest level, and serves as a technical specialist for complex deployments.
  • Identify and resolve complex, multifunctional technical issues spanning multiple product technologies.
  • Identify and resolve customer-specific issues in collaboration with Cisco Business Units and Development Engineers.
  • Mentoring and training other consulting engineers.

Why Work With Us?

1. Improved operational excellence.

Our goal is to help your business advance its IT operations into the future by helping you establish more consistent, scalable operational capabilities.

2. Dedicated talent ready to work

Our candidates can meet any of your needs. Whether you are looking for a remote or an on-site position, experienced professionals can start right away.

3. Quality control and reliable resources

Using a performance management process that ensures our resources measure up and meet your expectations, ScaleDesk's technology, and consulting experts set the bar high.

Frequently Asked Questions of Cisco Consultants

1. What skills do Cisco Network Consulting Engineers have?

  • Developing runbooks, training materials, and knowledge objects using technical information. 
  • An ability to interact well with customers and have strong architectural skills. 
  • Effectively synthesizes complexities into clear communication and action plans using good analytic processes. 
  • Ability to work with teams with good business judgment, and an open, comfortable communication style. 
  •  Contribution to the knowledge base of solutions and techniques, as well as a shift from theoretical to pragmatic thinking.

2. What are good questions to ask Cisco Consultants? 

  • Can you recommend any security procedures to help make a network environment more secure?
  • Would you be able to explain how you facilitate efficient end-user support?
  • List some of the devices that you have installed and configured.

3. Can you tell me everything you know about the Cisco network optimization Consulting area?

Cisco Network Optimization Services help businesses improve the availability and functionality of their networks to achieve their business goals. In addition to their outstanding financial results, they have received industry recognition and employee satisfaction scores that support their success. 

Learning and development are excellent in this environment. Providing regular training and mentoring ensures a conducive learning environment. Network Consulting Engineers (NCEs) provide employees with committed support from the organization's structure, allowing them to work on different technologies. Developing and deploying today's most advanced Internet technologies requires some of the industry's most innovative thinkers. Cisco seeks NCEs to join our team. 

4. How does ScaleDesk help us hire a Cisco Engineer?

A tech's qualification: For a high-quality experience, we filter resumes according to enterprise/startup/MSP experience to ensure they are fitting candidates.

Interviewing Network consultants: Our IT managers with experience as Cisco experts themselves interview these Cisco consultants. We can share a recorded video interview with you that filters out basic networking and systems knowledge.

Verifying certifications/work eligibility: Verification of certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and Security+. A background check and a work eligibility check are also performed by us

5. Why hire a Cisco Engineer on ScaleDesk?

With ScaleDesk, you get the following:

  • Cisco will provide consulting support throughout the contract term.
  • Experienced and qualified Cisco engineers provide Cisco consulting services.
  • We keep your systems running efficiently by utilizing our extensive industry experience.
  • Whenever you need it, you can get remote support via Phone, email, and Slack.

Compared to in-house Cisco consultants, this option is more cost-effective.

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