Our Disruptive Solution

Why Us

ScaleDesk fills the gaps on your IT team

IT projects, specialized skills and unexpected events like office moves and staff departures create gaps in IT capacity. ScaleDesk fills these gaps with our standing network of IT technologists.

Giving you access to great IT professionals

IT department support their users. We support IT departments by recruiting of our tech network and filtering out the top 5% of IT talent.

We are IT people, so we know how to find the best.

Compare us to other solutions

Staffing Agencies
Speed to hire
1-7 days
1-4 Weeks
1-3 days
Cost to hire
Minimum project
~20 hours
3-6 month fulltime
How recruiting is done
From existing set of employees
Finds consultants through recruiting; Uses generalist recruiters
Pulls consultants from our pool of existing technologist; Vet each consultant and conduct video interview