What would cause an EXE extension to be mandatory at the command line and how can it be reso...

When working with the command line, the .exe extension is often required when executing certain commands. This is because .exe is a file extension that indicates a file is an executable program. The purpose of requiring the .exe extension is to ensure the command line knows which program to launch.

However, there are some scenarios in which the .exe extension is required even when a full path to the executable is provided. This can be frustrating, as it can be difficult to figure out why the extension is required.

The most common cause of this requirement is because the PATH environment variable is not configured properly. The PATH environment variable is a list of directories that the command line will search for executable programs when they are not specified with a full path. If the PATH environment variable is configured to include a directory which contains files with the same name but different file extensions, then the .exe extension must be specified in order for the command line to know which file to execute.

For example, if the PATH environment variable includes the directory C:\\Windows\\System32, which contains both the file \example\ and the file \example.exe\, then the command line will not be able to tell which file to launch if the command \example\ is entered. In this case, the .exe extension must be specified in order for the command line to know which file to launch.

Another possible cause of the requirement is if the file is a batch file. Batch files are plain text files that contain a series of commands to be executed by the command line. The .bat extension is typically used to identify batch files, but some systems may require the use of the .exe extension instead.

Finally, some systems may be configured to require the .exe extension for all files, regardless of their type. This setting is often used as an additional security measure to ensure that only executable programs are launched from the command line.

No matter the cause, the requirement to specify the .exe extension can be a nuisance. However, it is important to understand why the requirement exists in order to properly configure the system and ensure that the command line can properly execute commands.

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