What are the differences between MikTeX and TeXLive?

MikTeX and TeX Live are two popular distributions of the TeX typesetting system. Both distributions are widely used in academia and other areas where technical typesetting is required.

The main difference between the two distributions is the way they are distributed. MikTeX is a Windows-only distribution, while TeX Live is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. MikTeX is distributed as an executable installer, while TeX Live is distributed as a tarball.

In terms of features, both distributions offer the same core set of features. Both distributions include the TeX typesetting system and the LaTeX document preparation system. Both distributions include PDF output capabilities and the ability to produce PostScript output. Both distributions also include support for the LaTeX Macro and package systems, as well as support for the BibTeX bibliography system.

In terms of installation, both distributions have relatively simple installation procedures. However, TeX Live may require some additional steps, such as setting up environment variables, in order to get the installation working correctly. MikTeX, on the other hand, is a self-contained installation and requires no additional steps.

In terms of updating, MikTeX is generally easier to keep up-to-date than TeX Live. MikTeX automatically checks for updates and can be configured to automatically download and install the latest updates. TeX Live, on the other hand, must be manually updated using the tlmgr utility.

In terms of pricing, both distributions are free to use. However, MikTeX is free only for personal use, while TeX Live is free for both personal and commercial use.

In conclusion, MikTeX and TeX Live are two popular distributions of the TeX typesetting system. They differ mainly in the way they are distributed and installed, as well as in their pricing models. Generally, MikTeX is better suited for personal use, while TeX Live is better suited for commercial use.

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