How to remove skype extras from Skype?

Skype Extras are a set of features that come with Skype, such as the ability to share files and make free calls to other Skype users. While these features can be useful for some users, they can be a nuisance for IT admins who want to control the use of Skype in the workplace. This article will explain how to remove Skype Extras from Skype.

The first step in removing Skype Extras from Skype is to open the Skype application. Once the application is open, click on the “Tools” menu and select “Options”. This will open the Skype Options window. From here, click on the “Extras” tab. This tab will show a list of all of the Extras that are installed in Skype. To remove an Extra, simply select the box next to it and click “Remove”.

Once the Extra has been removed, it is important to ensure that it is not re-enabled. To do this, click on the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the “Enable Extras” box. This will ensure that the Extra will not be re-enabled if the user attempts to install the same Extra again.

If the user is still having trouble removing Skype Extras, they can try reinstalling the application. This should completely reset the application and remove all Extras. However, this will also remove all of the user’s contacts and settings, so it is important to back up any important data before attempting to reinstall Skype.

Once all of the Extras have been removed, the user can then re-enable the features that they need. To do this, simply open the Skype Options window again, click on the “Extras” tab, and then select the Extra that they would like to enable.

Removing Skype Extras is a relatively simple process, and should only take a few minutes. It is important to ensure that the user has backed up any important data before attempting to remove the Extras, and to also ensure that the Extra is not re-enabled. Following these steps should ensure that the user is able to manage the use of Skype in the workplace without any unwanted Extras.

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