How does Windows locking down the drive for Fast Startup work?

Windows Fast Startup is a feature that was added in Windows 8 in order to improve boot-up times. This feature utilizes a combination of hibernation and shutdown to achieve faster startup times.

When Windows Fast Startup is enabled, the system will save the state of the computer to a hibernation file on the system drive. This file contains all the information that was stored in the computer’s memory and hard drive at the time of shutdown. The next time the computer is powered on, the system will read the hibernation file, restore the system state, and start Windows.

The feature works by locking down the system drive during the shutdown process. By locking down the drive, the system is able to save the state of the system and boot up faster. When the system drive is locked down, the hibernation file is stored on the drive and can’t be accessed or modified by other processes.

In order to enable Windows Fast Startup, you must open the Control Panel and navigate to Power Options. From there, you can select the “Choose what the power buttons do” option, and then select the “Turn on fast startup” option. Once the option is selected, the changes will be applied and the system will be able to utilize Windows Fast Startup.

While Windows Fast Startup is a great way to improve boot-up times, it is important to note that the feature can cause some issues with certain hardware and software. For example, if you have a hardware device that requires a driver to be installed, then the device may not be recognized by the system when Windows Fast Startup is enabled. Additionally, certain software programs may not be able to run properly when Windows Fast Startup is enabled.

Overall, Windows Fast Startup is a great feature that can improve system boot-up times. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential issues that can arise from using the feature. If you experience any issues with hardware or software after enabling Windows Fast Startup, then you should disable the feature and check for updates or try uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

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