How do you list all processes on the command line in Windows?

Q: How do you list all processes on the command line in Windows?

A: The Windows command line is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating files, folders, and applications. In order to use it effectively, it’s important to be able to view a list of all processes running on the system. This can be done using the Tasklist command.

Tasklist is a built-in Windows command used to display a list of all running processes and their associated PID (Process ID). By default, it displays the process name, process ID, session name, and memory usage. The list of processes can be sorted by name, PID, memory usage, or even a particular user. The command can also be used to search for a specific process by name.

To get started, open a command prompt window and type “tasklist”. This will display a list of all running processes. You can customize the output by adding switches to the command. For example, typing “tasklist /m” will display the memory usage of each process. Typing “tasklist /s” will sort the list by process name. You can also search for a specific process by typing “tasklist /fi “ImageName eq process_name”.

It’s important to note that the Tasklist command only displays the processes running on the local system. To view processes running on a remote system, you’ll need to use the PsExec utility from the Sysinternals Suite.

The Tasklist command is a great tool for managing and monitoring processes. It can be used to view a list of all processes, sort the list by name or memory usage, and even search for a specific process. It can also be used to view processes running on remote systems with the help of PsExec. With a few simple commands, you can quickly get an overview of all the processes running on your system.

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