How do anti-virus programs start at Windows boot?


When it comes to protecting a computer against malicious software, an antivirus program is an essential tool. Many people think of antivirus programs as something that runs in the background and scans their computer for viruses, but they can also be configured to start up with the computer and protect it from the very beginning of the boot process.

When a computer is first turned on, it needs to go through a series of steps in order to get to the point where it is ready for the user to log in and start using it. This process is known as the boot process, and it involves the computer loading the operating system, drivers, and other necessary programs. During this process, the computer is vulnerable to attack from malicious software, which can be installed by an attacker or even by the user themselves.

To protect the computer during the boot process, an antivirus program can be configured to start up with the computer. This is done by adding the program to the computer's startup process, which is a list of programs that are started when the computer is turned on. This list is kept in the computer's registry, which is a database that stores all of the settings and configuration information for the computer.

Once the antivirus program is added to the startup process, it will start up as soon as the computer begins to boot. The program will then scan the computer for any malicious software, and will take action to remove any threats that it finds. This helps to ensure that the computer is safe from malicious software before the user even logs in.

While antivirus programs are essential for protecting a computer, it is important to remember that they are only effective if they are kept up to date. Antivirus programs need to be regularly updated in order to detect any new threats, and users should make sure to keep their antivirus program up to date in order to ensure that their computer is safe and secure.

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