How do I tell Windows to use 802.11 in preference to 3G?

As an IT Administrator, one of the most important decisions you make is how to ensure your organization's network is secure and reliable. One of the most common questions you are likely to hear is how to tell Windows to use 802.11 in preference to 3G.

The answer to this question lies in understanding the differences between 802.11 and 3G. 802.11 is the most common type of wireless networking technology, and is used by most home and business users. It is a secure and reliable connection, and is typically used to connect computers to the internet, as well as provide wireless access to other devices.

3G, on the other hand, is a cellular network technology that is used by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is less secure than 802.11, and is used primarily for data transmission.

The decision to prioritize one technology over the other depends on your network's needs. If the priority is security and reliability, then 802.11 should be the preferred option. If the priority is speed and data transmission, then 3G may be the better choice.

In order to tell Windows to use 802.11 in preference to 3G, you need to configure your network settings. This can be done through the Windows Control Panel. To begin, open the Network and Sharing Center, and then select the Set Up a New Connection or Network option.

From the list of available connections, select the Local Area Network (LAN) option. This will allow you to set up a wired or wireless connection. If you are using a wireless connection, select the Wireless Network Connection option, and then select the radio button next to your preferred 802.11 network.

Once you have selected your preferred network, you need to configure the network settings. To do this, click on the Wireless Properties button at the bottom of the screen. In the Wireless Network Properties window, select the Security tab. Under the Security tab, select the encryption type that your router is using.

Once the encryption type is selected, click the Advanced Settings button. In the Advanced Settings window, you will see an option that says, \Prefer 802.11 over 3G.\ Make sure this option is selected, and then click OK.

This will tell Windows to prefer the 802.11 network over the 3G network, ensuring that your connection is secure and reliable. It is important to note that this setting will only affect the way Windows connects to the internet, and will not affect how your mobile devices connect.

In conclusion, knowing how to tell Windows to use 802.11 in preference to 3G is an important part of any IT Administrator's job. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your network is secure and reliable, while still allowing your mobile devices to access the internet.

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