How do I hide "Extra File" and "100%" lines from robocopy output?

Robocopy is a powerful command-line utility that can be used to copy files from one location to another, including from a local drive to a network share or from one network share to another. It is commonly used for backing up files, replicating data, and migrating data between servers.

The Robocopy command can provide detailed output about the files it copied, including their source and destination, the number of files, and the amount of data transferred. This output can be verbose, however, and it can be difficult to find the information you need if you’re looking for something specific.

In some cases, you may want to hide certain file types or extra lines from Robocopy’s output. For example, you may want to hide files with a certain extension, or files that are larger than a certain size.

Fortunately, Robocopy provides several parameters that allow you to filter the output so that you can hide certain files or lines. One of the most useful parameters is /L, which causes Robocopy to list the files that it would copy, but not actually copy them. This allows you to see what files would be copied without actually doing the copy.

Another parameter you can use is /XF, which allows you to exclude files based on their file name. For example, you can use /XF *.* to exclude all files, or you can use /XF *.txt to exclude only text files.

You can also use the /XD parameter to exclude certain directories. For example, you can use /XD C:\\MyFolder to exclude the folder “MyFolder” and all of its contents.

Finally, you can use the /MAXLAD parameter to limit the number of lines that are displayed in the output. For example, you can use /MAXLAD 100 to show only the first 100 lines of the output.

Using these parameters, you can hide extra files and lines from Robocopy’s output. This can make it easier to find the information you’re looking for, and can help you save time when you’re copying files.

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