How do I full-screen my CMD?

As an IT administrator, you may find yourself needing to work in full-screen mode in the command line interface (CLI). This can be a useful tool for managing a large number of remote computers, as well as for troubleshooting a variety of hardware and software issues.

In order to take advantage of the full-screen capabilities of the CLI, you will first need to launch the command prompt. This can be done by opening the Start Menu, typing in “cmd”, and pressing Enter. Alternatively, you can search for “command prompt” and the results should include the cmd.exe application.

Once the command prompt is open, press the Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut to enter full-screen mode. This will take the command prompt window full-screen, allowing you to take advantage of the full width and height of your monitor. You can also adjust the width and height of the command prompt window by dragging the edges of the window to the desired size.

In full-screen mode, the commands you enter will remain visible at the top of the window, while the output of the commands will be displayed in the lower half. This can be useful when you need to review the output of a command or series of commands, or when you want to quickly check the progress of a task.

If you need to switch back to windowed mode, simply press Alt+Enter again. This will restore the command prompt to its previous windowed size, allowing you to easily switch between full-screen and windowed modes as needed.

Full-screen mode can be a useful tool for any IT administrator, as it allows for more efficient workflows and troubleshooting. It also allows for better visibility of the output of commands, which can be especially valuable when managing a large number of remote computers. By taking advantage of the full-screen capabilities of the CLI, you can streamline the tasks of an IT administrator, allowing for a more efficient and productive work experience.

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