How do I find the unknown program enabled during Start-Up?

As an IT admin, you may have encountered a situation where you have an unknown program enabled during startup. This can be a daunting task, as you don’t know what the program is, or even where it came from. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can identify the unknown program and disable it, if necessary.

The first step in identifying the unknown program is to use the Windows Task Manager. You can access the Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting “Task Manager”. Once the Task Manager is open, click on the “Startup” tab. This will show you all of the programs that are enabled during startup. Look for any programs that you don’t recognize or are unfamiliar with.

Once you find the unknown program, it’s time to investigate it further. You can do this by right clicking on the program and selecting “Properties”. In the Properties window, you’ll find information about the program such as the name, location, and publisher. If you don’t recognize the name or publisher, you can use a search engine to look up the program to determine what it does.

If you decide that you don’t want the program to run during startup, you can disable it by right clicking on the program and selecting “Disable”. This will prevent the program from running when you start up your computer.

Another way to identify the unknown program is to use the Windows System Event Log. This log contains information about programs that are running on your system, including any errors or warnings. To access the System Event Log, open the Control Panel and click on “Administrative Tools”. Then, click on “Event Viewer”. Look for any entries related to the unknown program.

Finally, if you’re still unable to identify the program, you can use a third-party utility to scan your system for malicious software. This type of software is designed to detect and remove malicious programs from your system. After you’ve identified the unknown program, you can then decide if you want to keep it or remove it from your system.

In conclusion, identifying an unknown program enabled during startup can be a challenging task. However, by using the Windows Task Manager, System Event Log, and third-party software, you can identify the program and decide if you want to keep it or remove it from your system.

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