How can I create many folders on Windows 7 from a text file (.txt)

As an IT administrator, you may find yourself needing to create a large number of folders on Windows 7 from a text file. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

First, you will need to prepare your text file. It should be in a plain text format, with each folder name on a separate line. You can use any text editor to create your text file.

Once your text file is ready, you will need to open a command prompt window. You can do this by clicking on the Start menu and typing “cmd” into the search box. Hit enter to open the command prompt window.

Now you will need to navigate to the directory where you want your folders to be created. You can do this by typing “cd” followed by the path of the directory. For example, if you want the folders to be created in the “C:\\My Documents” folder, you would type “cd C:\\My Documents”.

Once you are in the correct directory, you will need to type the following command into the command prompt window:

FOR /F %i IN (filename.txt) DO MD %i

This command will create a folder for each entry in the text file. You will need to replace “filename.txt” with the name of your text file.

Once you have entered the command, hit enter and the folders should be created. You can check to make sure they were created by navigating to the directory using Windows Explorer.

Creating many folders on Windows 7 from a text file is a simple process. Once you have prepared your text file, you can use the command prompt to quickly create the folders. This is a great way to save time when you need to create a large number of folders.

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