How can I check if Windows is activated from the command prompt or powershell?

As an IT administrator, you may often need to check whether Windows is activated or not. This can be done from the Command Prompt or PowerShell on Windows 10 and earlier versions.

The first step is to open the Command Prompt. You can do this by right-clicking on the Windows Start button and selecting Command Prompt (or PowerShell). Once opened, type in the following command:

slmgr.vbs -dli

This command will display basic information about your Windows installation, including the current activation status. If the activation is successful, it should say “License Status: Licensed.” If it says “License Status: Unlicensed,” then you will need to contact Microsoft to activate your copy of Windows.

If you need more detailed information, you can use the slmgr.vbs command with the -dlv flag, which will display additional information about the current activation status. This includes the License Status, the last time the activation was successful, the activation ID, and the remaining activation grace period.

If you need to manually activate Windows, you can use the slmgr.vbs command with the -ato flag. This will attempt to activate Windows using your current product key, or a KMS server if you are part of a business network.

Once you’ve checked your activation status, you can also use the slmgr.vbs command to manage your Windows license. This includes adding or removing product keys, managing the activation grace period, or activating a license server. Each of these tasks has its own specific command that you will need to use.

In summary, you can use the slmgr.vbs command from the Command Prompt or PowerShell to check if Windows is activated, as well as manage your Windows license. It’s a useful tool for IT administrators who need to ensure that their Windows machines are properly activated.

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