"Hibernate doesn't use power"... or does it?

Hibernate is a feature of some operating systems that allows a computer to save its current state to a hard disk and then turn off completely. This process is called “hibernating,” and it is a convenient way to save energy, since the computer does not have to be running in order to keep its files and programs intact.

However, some people have questioned whether hibernation actually saves power, since the computer still has to use some power to store the current state and then turn off. The answer, according to computer experts, is that hibernation does indeed save power.

When a computer is put into hibernation, it shuts down completely, meaning that it does not use any power. However, the computer still needs to save its current state before it shuts down, which requires some amount of energy. However, the amount of energy used is much less than the energy that would be used if the computer were to remain on.

In addition, when a computer is in hibernation, it does not need to perform any of the tasks that it would normally need to do when it is running. This includes tasks such as checking for updates, running security scans, and performing other maintenance tasks. By skipping these tasks, the computer saves even more energy.

Finally, hibernation also helps to reduce the amount of heat generated by the computer. Since the computer is not running, it does not need to generate heat to keep its components running. This helps to reduce the amount of energy used to cool the computer.

In conclusion, hibernation does in fact save power. The amount of power saved depends on the type of hibernation being used, as well as the type of computer, but in general, hibernation can save a significant amount of energy. As an IT admin, it is important to understand the benefits of hibernation and to make sure that it is enabled on all computers under your control.

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