Generate list of subnets on switch using SNMP?

As an IT administrator, you may need to generate a list of subnets on a switch using SNMP. SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol, is an application-level protocol used to manage and monitor devices on a network. It allows you to remotely query and configure devices, retrieve performance data, and more.

Using SNMP to generate a list of subnets on a switch is relatively straightforward. The basic steps are to use an SNMP manager to connect to the switch, send an SNMP query to the switch, and then parse the response.

The first step is to use an SNMP manager to connect to the switch. An SNMP manager is an application that allows you to send SNMP commands to a device. Popular SNMP managers include SolarWinds, Cacti, and OpenNMS.

Once an SNMP manager is connected to the switch, you can send an SNMP query for the subnets. The query should be sent to the switch using the SNMP GET command. The GET command allows you to query the switch for specific information.

For example, if you wanted to retrieve a list of subnets, you would send a GET command to the switch asking for the IP subnet list. The syntax of the command would look something like this:

GET ipSubnetList

The switch should respond with a list of subnets in the format of:


Once you have the list of subnets, you can then parse it for further analysis. For example, you can use the list to determine which subnets have the most traffic or to identify unused subnets.

Using SNMP to generate a list of subnets on a switch is a relatively straightforward process. With the right SNMP manager and query, you can quickly and easily retrieve a list of subnets from any switch. This can be a useful tool for network administrators who need to analyze and monitor their networks.

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