Force "Details" folder view to show standard columns in folders with music file in Windows

The ability to customize folder views is one of the most useful features in Windows, allowing users to quickly navigate their files and folders. However, when it comes to music files, it can be difficult to sort through the clutter and find the information you need. Fortunately, Windows provides a “Details” folder view that displays all of the important data about your music files in a neat and organized manner.

The Details folder view displays all of the standard columns for music files such as the song title, artist, album, year, and genre. This makes it easy to quickly sort through the files and find the one you’re looking for. Additionally, the Details folder view also displays extra columns such as the file size, date modified, and duration. This allows you to quickly identify any large files or long tracks that may be taking up a lot of space on your hard drive.

If you’re an IT admin, you may have noticed that some of your users don’t have the Details folder view enabled when they view music files. This is because the Details folder view is not enabled by default in Windows. Fortunately, it’s easy to force the Details folder view to be enabled for all users.

To do this, open the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and navigate to the following setting:

Computer Configuration\\Administrative Templates\\Windows Components\\File Explorer

Once you’ve opened the File Explorer setting, double-click on the “Set Default View for Music Files” setting. This will open up a window with a drop-down menu. Select “Details” from this menu and then click “OK”.

Now, whenever a user views a folder containing music files, the Details folder view will be enabled by default. This will make it much easier for them to quickly find the information they need about their music files.

In conclusion, the Details folder view is a great way to easily sort through music files in Windows. As an IT admin, you can force the Details folder view to be enabled by default for all users by simply making a change in the Group Policy Editor. This will make it much easier for your users to quickly find the music files they’re looking for.

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