Exclude files and folders when zipping using WinRAR

As an IT administrator, having a good understanding of how to exclude files and folders when zipping using WinRAR is important for keeping your systems secure. Zipping files allows you to reduce the amount of space needed to store them, and can be a great way to quickly share large folders and files with colleagues or clients.

When zipping files, you may not want to include certain files or folders. For example, you may want to exclude those that contain confidential information or are not necessary for the project you are working on. Fortunately, WinRAR provides a way to exclude files or folders when zipping.

The first step in excluding files when zipping with WinRAR is to open the program. From the main interface, click “Add” and then select the “Advanced” tab. This will open a window with a list of options for zipping your files. Select the “Exclude” option and then click the “Add” button.

The next step is to select the files or folders you would like to exclude from the zipped archive. To do this, you can either type in the file or folder name or you can use the “Browse” button to locate the file or folder. Once you have selected the files or folders to exclude, click “OK”.

Once you have finished selecting the files or folders you would like to exclude, click “OK” to close the “Exclude” window. You will then be taken back to the main WinRAR window, where you can click “OK” to start compressing the files. Once the compression is complete, the excluded files will not be included in the zipped archive.

Excluding files and folders when zipping with WinRAR is a great way to ensure that sensitive information or unnecessary files are not included in your zipped archives. By taking the time to exclude certain files or folders, you can make sure that your zipped archives have only the files and folders that are needed for the project you are working on.

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