Edit Windows Context Menu entries after right-click drag and drop operation

Windows context menus, which appear after you right-click on an item, are an important part of the Windows user experience and provide users with quick access to various commands and tasks. If you are an IT administrator, you may need to edit these context menus to customize them for your organization's needs.

One way to do this is to right-click on an item and drag it to another location or onto another item. This action will create a new context menu entry. Unfortunately, editing this new context menu entry is not as straightforward as editing other context menu entries.

To edit the new context menu entry, you will need to use the Registry Editor. To access the Registry Editor, open the Start menu and type \regedit\ into the search box. When the Registry Editor appears, navigate to the following key:


Next, locate the new context menu entry that you created by dragging the item around. It will be labeled with the name of the item that you dragged. Right-click on this entry and select \Edit\ to open the Edit String dialog box.

In the Edit String dialog box, you will see two values: \Command\ and \Icon\. The Command value contains the command that will be executed when the context menu entry is clicked. You can edit this command to customize the behavior of the context menu entry. The Icon value allows you to specify an icon that will be displayed next to the context menu entry.

Once you have finished editing the context menu entry, click the \OK\ button to save your changes. The new context menu entry will be immediately available for use.

Editing context menu entries after right-click drag and drop operations is not an obvious task, but it is possible with the help of the Registry Editor. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily customize your organization's context menus to meet your specific needs.

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