Duplicate session in ConEmu

IT administrators are often called upon to troubleshoot a variety of technical problems related to software, hardware, and networks. One such problem is the occurrence of duplicate sessions in ConEmu, a command-line interface for Windows. This issue can be caused by several different factors, but the resolution is often the same: resetting the ConEmu settings and making sure the configuration files are up to date.

When a user launches ConEmu, they are presented with a command line interface that looks and behaves like a traditional Windows command prompt. The interface allows users to run a variety of commands in order to control their system and access different programs. Typically, when a user launches ConEmu, they will see a single session. A duplicate session is when the user sees two different instances of ConEmu running at the same time.

When this occurs, the first step for IT administrators is to reset the ConEmu settings. This can be done by opening the Settings page, then selecting the Reset option from the menu. This will reset the default settings and allow the user to start fresh. The user will then need to configure the settings again, as the reset will not carry over any of their previous settings.

The next step for IT administrators is to make sure the configuration files are up to date. These files can be found in the %APPDATA%\\ConEmu directory. It is important to ensure that these files are the most recent versions, as outdated files can cause errors in ConEmu. It may be necessary to copy the configuration files from a working instance of ConEmu, or to download the latest versions from the ConEmu website.

Finally, IT administrators should check to see if the issue is being caused by a third-party application. This can be done by disabling the application in question and then launching ConEmu again. If the issue is resolved, then the application was likely the cause.

These steps should resolve most issues with duplicate sessions in ConEmu. However, if the issue persists, it may be necessary to reinstall the application. This should be done as a last resort, as it can be a lengthy process and may require additional troubleshooting.

In summary, IT administrators can resolve duplicate sessions in ConEmu by resetting the settings, updating the configuration files, and disabling any third-party applications that may be causing the issue. If these steps do not resolve the issue, then a reinstall may be necessary.

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