Creating a shortcut to a program on thumb drive without drive letter

As an IT administrator, it is often necessary to create shortcuts to programs that are located on a thumb drive. This process is typically straightforward, however, when the thumb drive does not have a drive letter, the process becomes a bit more complicated.

The first step is to determine the full path of the program that is located on the thumb drive. This can be done through Windows Explorer. First, open Windows Explorer and then locate the thumb drive. Right-click on the thumb drive and select “Properties” from the menu. The Properties window will show the full path of the thumb drive.

Once the full path is determined, the next step is to create a shortcut to the program. To do this, right-click on the desktop and select “New” from the menu. From the “New” menu, select “Shortcut”. This will open a new window prompting the user to enter the location of the program. In this window, the user should enter the full path of the thumb drive followed by the program’s name.

For example, if the full path of the thumb drive is “F:\\Programs” and the program’s name is “program.exe”, the user should enter “F:\\Programs\\program.exe” into the location field.

Once the location is entered, the user should click “Next”. This will prompt the user to give the shortcut a name. The user should enter a name that is recognizable and then click “Finish”. This will create a shortcut to the program on the desktop.

The shortcut can then be used to launch the program. It is important to note that the shortcut will only be valid as long as the thumb drive is connected to the computer. If the thumb drive is disconnected, the shortcut will no longer work.

Creating a shortcut to a program on a thumb drive without a drive letter is a relatively simple process. With the proper steps, an IT administrator can quickly and easily create a shortcut to a program located on a thumb drive. This can save time and make it easier to access programs that are stored on a thumb drive.

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