Cisco callmanager SIP features

Cisco CallManager SIP Features

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication for businesses, and Cisco CallManager is one of the most widely-used VoIP systems for enterprise-level businesses. Cisco CallManager supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for delivering voice and multimedia communications over IP networks. SIP is a widely-used protocol for establishing, managing, and terminating multimedia sessions, such as voice and video calls, conferences, and multimedia data sharing.

Cisco CallManager, which is part of the Cisco Unified Communications system, provides a number of features and options for SIP-based VoIP communications. These features include:

•\tVoice Conferencing: Cisco CallManager provides a robust, secure, and reliable audio conferencing solution. It allows up to five parties to participate in a conference call at the same time, using a variety of options, such as voice activation, mute, and disconnect.

•\tVideo Conferencing: Cisco CallManager supports video conferencing for up to four participants. It offers high definition video quality with support for H.323 and SIP protocols. It also provides options for controlling participants’ video settings, such as resolution, frame rate, and bandwidth.

•\tInstant Messaging: Cisco CallManager supports instant messaging (IM) for text-based communications between users. It also provides options for setting up group chats and file sharing.

•\tPresence: Cisco CallManager supports presence-based communications, allowing users to see each other’s availability for communication. Presence also allows users to set their status, such as available, away, or busy, so that others can see their availability before initiating a call.

•\tUnified Messaging: Cisco CallManager supports unified messaging, allowing users to receive and respond to voice, video, and text messages from their computer or mobile device. Unified messaging also allows users to access and manage their messages from any device, anytime.

•\tAutomatic Call Distribution: Cisco CallManager supports automatic call distribution (ACD), which allows calls to be routed to the most appropriate person. This feature is especially useful for businesses that handle large volumes of calls, as it ensures that calls are routed to the right person quickly and efficiently.

•\tIntegrated Voice Response System: Cisco CallManager also supports an integrated voice response system, which allows users to use voice commands to initiate calls, access voicemail, and perform other tasks.

•\tCall Recording: Cisco CallManager allows users to record calls for use in training, quality assurance, or other purposes. Recordings can be stored on the system, or exported to a file for further use.

Cisco CallManager’s SIP features provide businesses with a powerful and reliable platform for VoIP communications. It offers a wide range of features and options to ensure that users can communicate efficiently and securely. With its support for conferencing, instant messaging, presence, unified messaging, ACD, and voice response, Cisco CallManager provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for VoIP communications.

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