Cisco ISR 4000 Performance Levels, router shaper

Cisco ISR 4000 Performance Levels Router Shaper

The Cisco ISR 4000 Performance Levels Router Shaper is designed to give maximum performance and scalability to organizations of all sizes. It is a Cisco IOS-XE based router shaper that helps users to manage their traffic and provide high-performance routing of data. The ISR 4000 is the first Cisco router shaper to have the ability to scale up to 4,000 Mbps of throughput (4Gbps). It includes a number of features for network administrators including an auto-QoS, advanced security, and advanced traffic management.

The ISR 4000 is designed for organizations that need to manage data traffic on their networks. It can be configured with a variety of features and configurations to meet the needs of any size organization. It is a Layer 3 device that supports the IPv4 and IPv6 address families. It features a hardware-based packet-based router that is capable of routing large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. It has a variety of features to help network administrators manage their traffic, such as:

Auto-QoS: This feature allows network administrators to automatically configure QoS settings on the router to prioritize traffic. This feature can help to better manage traffic flow on the network and ensure that important traffic is given priority over less important traffic.

Advanced Security: The ISR 4000 includes a number of advanced security features such as IPSec VPNs, NAT, as well as firewall rules. These features help to ensure that data is secure and only authorized users have access to it.

Advanced Traffic Management: The ISR 4000 includes a variety of traffic management features to help network administrators better control their data traffic. It includes features such as Quality of Service (QoS) which allows administrators to prioritize traffic based on user needs, as well as Rate Limiting which allows administrators to set limits on the amount of data that can be transmitted through the router.

The ISR 4000 is a great choice for organizations that need to manage their data traffic. It is a cost-effective solution that offers high performance and scalability. It is easy to configure and manage, and it offers a variety of features and configurations to meet the needs of any size organizations. With the ISR 4000, organizations can be sure that their data is secure and that they are getting the most out of their network.

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