Cisco 2921 PBR License Question

Cisco 2921 PBR (Policy-Based Routing) License Question

Policy-based routing (PBR) is an important feature of Cisco routers that allows administrators to make routing decisions based on policies and rules, rather than the destination address. The Cisco 2921 router is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses because of its low cost and high performance. But one of its limitations is that it only supports a limited number of PBR rules. This raises the question: what kind of license do I need to enable full PBR support on the Cisco 2921?

The answer is that you need to purchase the Cisco 2921 PBR Enhanced License. This license enables the router to support up to 500 PBR rules, which is enough for most small and medium-sized businesses. Without this license, the router is limited to just 25 PBR rules, which is only suitable for very small networks.

The PBR Enhanced License can be purchased from Cisco’s official website. It is an electronic license so there is no need to wait for a physical license to be shipped. Once the license is purchased, the license key must be entered into the router’s configuration. This can be done by using the command “license install url url”. Once the license has been installed, the router is ready to use with up to 500 PBR rules.

The Cisco 2921 PBR Enhanced License is a great way to make sure that your network is using the best routing policies. It also ensures that your network is secure, as the PBR rules can be used to block malicious traffic. Overall, this license is an important investment for any business that is using a Cisco 2921 router.

In conclusion, the Cisco 2921 PBR Enhanced License is an important license for businesses that need to support more than 25 PBR rules on their network. This license can be purchased from Cisco’s official website and is easy to install. With this license, businesses can ensure that their network is secure and that the best routing policies are being used.

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