Add an icon to Windows default "New scan"

As IT administrators, there are many tasks we must perform to keep our networks running smoothly. One of these tasks is to scan documents, which can be a time-consuming process, requiring multiple clicks and manually entering information. Fortunately, Windows provides a built-in tool to help streamline the scanning process. This tool, called the Windows Scan app, can be used to scan documents quickly and easily.

However, while the Windows Scan app is a great tool, it can be difficult to locate and launch. To make it easier to find and use, you can add an icon to your desktop or Start menu. This article explains how to add an icon to the Windows Scan app.

To add an icon to the Windows Scan app, follow these steps:

1. Open the Start menu and search for “Windows Scan”.

2. Right-click on the Windows Scan app and select “Open file location”.

3. Right-click on the Windows Scan app and select “Create shortcut”.

4. Choose where you want to save the shortcut (for example, the desktop or Start menu).

5. Right-click on the new shortcut and select “Properties”.

6. In the “Shortcut” tab, click “Change icon”.

7. Select an icon from the list or browse for an icon of your choice.

8. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Once you’ve completed these steps, an icon for the Windows Scan app will be added to the specified location. Now, you can launch the app quickly and easily, without having to search for it each time.

Adding an icon to the Windows Scan app is a great way to improve productivity and make the scanning process easier. This simple task can save you time and make your job a little bit easier.

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