ASA5550 Error: assertion "_vf_mode_init" failed: file "vf_api.c", line 99

An ASA5550 error assertion VF-mode-init failed file vf-api.c line 99 is an error message that is seen on the Cisco ASA 5550 firewalls. This error typically occurs when the firewall is attempting to initialize the virtual firewall (VF) mode, and is failing due to a misconfigured setting or an underlying problem with the hardware or software.

The Cisco ASA 5550 is a firewall device that provides a variety of security features for networks ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. It utilizes several different technologies, including virtual firewall (VF) mode, which allows the firewall to be partitioned into multiple virtual firewalls in order to provide greater flexibility and scalability.

When the ASA 5550 attempts to initialize the VF mode, it will check all of the relevant settings and components to ensure that everything is in working order. If any of these settings or components are not configured correctly or are experiencing an issue, the firewall will generate an error message stating “ASA5550 error assertion VF-mode-init failed file vf-api.c line 99.”

This error message can be a bit confusing, as it does not give any indication as to what the underlying issue is or how to fix it. The most common cause of this error is a misconfigured setting, such as an incorrect IP address or an invalid protocol. In order to resolve this issue, the IT administrator must identify the misconfigured setting and correct it.

In addition to a misconfigured setting, the ASA 5550 error assertion VF-mode-init failed file vf-api.c line 99 can also be caused by an underlying hardware or software issue. Common hardware issues that can cause this error include a faulty power supply, a problem with the memory, or an issue with the physical firewall device itself. Software issues can arise from corrupted firmware, an incompatible version of the operating system, or an issue with the VF mode configuration.

In order to resolve the ASA 5550 error assertion VF-mode-init failed file vf-api.c line 99, the IT administrator must identify the underlying issue and address it appropriately. If the issue is a misconfigured setting, the administrator can correct it. For hardware or software issues, the administrator may need to replace the component or update the firmware. Once the issue has been addressed, the administrator should restart the firewall and verify that the error does not reappear.

The ASA 5550 error assertion VF-mode-init failed file vf-api.c line 99 can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but with the right knowledge and troubleshooting steps, it can be quickly resolved. By ensuring that all relevant settings are configured correctly and that all underlying hardware and software issues are addressed, the IT administrator can ensure that the firewall is functioning properly.

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