2 exact copies of autorun.inf, one works one doesnt

When it comes to dealing with autorun.inf files, oftentimes an IT admin will find that the same file does not always work on all machines. This can be perplexing and frustrating since the exact same file was used, yet it doesn’t do what it was intended to do.

An autorun.inf file is a small text file that is typically located in the root directory of a removable storage device, such as a CD or USB drive. It contains instructions that allow the operating system to automatically execute a program when the device is inserted. The file itself is relatively simple to create, but there are a few important guidelines that must be followed in order for it to work properly.

The most common reason why an autorun.inf file may not work is because it was not properly formatted. The file needs to follow the exact syntax and syntax conventions specified in the Microsoft Developers Network online. This includes having the correct capitalization and punctuation as well as specific commands such as “open” and “shell.” If the syntax is not correct, the file will not work.

Another issue that can cause an autorun.inf file to not work is if the file is not located in the root directory of the device. It must be located in the root directory in order for it to be recognized by the operating system. It is also important to make sure that the file is not blocked by the operating system. This can happen if the “Security” settings are set to “High” in the device’s properties.

Finally, an autorun.inf file will not work if the program it is attempting to execute is not compatible with the operating system or is not set up properly. This could be because the program is an older version or is not meant to work on the operating system it is being used on. The best way to fix this issue is to ensure that the program is compatible with the operating system and that it is configured correctly.

In conclusion, an autorun.inf file can be a great tool for an IT admin, but it can also be a source of frustration if it is not properly formatted or located in the correct place. It can also be a problem if the program being executed is not compatible or configured correctly. By following the guidelines outlined here, an IT admin should have no problem getting an autorun.inf file to work on any machine.

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